Geos | pavimentazione in legno e progettazione di interni jesi, ancona
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Dignity of matter

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thoughts take shape

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the value of Small Things

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beauty begets respect

Houses live. They express themselves. They give us back the atmosphere of the environment that surrounds them, of those who live and have lived over time. We could compare the places where we live to the shell of the nut, which fits to the fruit it contains. The house has to fit you like a glove. A parquet, a tilewallpaper, they dress up your world. Hence the importance of going over and beyond matter. We want to provide materials for homes that can enhance the perceptive faculties of their inhabitants and, in their choice, a sensory experience that, oddly enough, for us starts smelling.

The poetry of a line, the beauty of a form, the charm of the material. We always repeat the challenge of creating unique environments with the utmost attention to details, pervaded by a eco-friendly soul offering sustainable materials. Nature comes into a house by combining materials with different craft techniques, such as  the mark of wooden floors. The connection with the material can grant great comfort.

House lives. Even an ordinary brick wants to be something else. Design, renovation, restoration. Attention to detail and an impeccable craftsmanship, Geos’s sensibility and ability to listen help us to interpret your desires and make your home the environment you dream. Your home as your habitus, not just accommodation. We talk about design, renovation, or simple restoration. For example in your bathroom or kitchen, your choices will reinforce the impression of interpenetration between matter, nature and architecture.

Everything ages, but some things improve with age. If they are correctly taken care and cleaned,using the correct maintenance. In order to take care of something you have to love it. The house, like any environment, gives us the atmosphere and the energy of the context surrounding it, of its rife details. Geos loves deeply what has the power to make special your ideas, what has the power to dress your house: for this reason, we have learned over the years the best techniques and natural treatments for taking care of the materials, cleaning and keeping ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with excellent results.