Parquet floors with natural treatment offer a wide range of colors, the ecomalta for floors and walls are available in the colors of the RAL scale (also available for the bathroom), and cooked manuals, ceramic, tiles, furniture for the bathroom, wallpaper, and clays: all materials of different technical quality, aesthetics, and color; nothing is static; everything moves according to the changing needs resulting in harmony. Our achievements in the province of Ancona, as elsewhere in Italy, are evident. We treated parquet floors and walls for houses, villas, as well as for public facilities such as the Church of the Sacred Heart in Fabriano (Ancona), the Municipality of Esanatoglia (Macerata), the seat of the Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi (Ancona ) and the Castle of Monterado (Ancona). More and more the center of attention is the bathroom as a place of regeneration and well-being; hence the importance of water for our body and mind and the choice of delivery and materials  should fit with your bathroom. With the skills of our craftsmen we equipe your home with,wallpapers, parquet, ecomalta, ceramics, terracotta, porcelain, stone, micro cement with high-quality service. We are committed to perfect work. Each of your choice will reinforce the  interpretation of  material, nature and architecture. The details, the play of color and surface texture of the product, the high capacity of workmanship, the sensitivity towards sustainable materials: these are ideals that enable us to convey the beauty of emotion into your home.





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