Geos research original materials, carefully and by experience: wallpapers, cooked manuals, stone, parquet of various thicknesses with their natural treatments, tiles with glazes divided into color areas and their different formats, tiles made with different glazing techniques that best enhances your vision. We choose tiles, wallpaper, woods. We take this research with attention to the little details, those that give the value of the asset. The house is not just accommodation and for us is very important the close exchange between man, nature and architecture; hence the need for the house to replace the artificial materials with eco-friendly ones, primarily the parquet, the wood for the floors so that, like the skin, it reacts to light, moisture, heat. We offer natural treatments for parquet, available in a varied range of colors, including customized colors. In your house the walls are colored with taste and different flavors using different wallpapers, our assortment of finishes, or our craftsmanship to make tiles shaped and decorated on-demand. For floor coverings  we also supply ecomalta due to its extraordinary versatility;  it is natural, breathable and  it is laid using techniques guaranteeing its conservation. It is a material very resistant to wear, its appearance may be more or less material; It is to 100%, restorable and easy to maintain. These are some examples of our attention in the research of materials, the first step to truly feel good.





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